Fulton Trotter Architects

Now, Choose
400mmH x 520mmL x 30mmD / Oil On Canvas

Artist Statement

Since childhood, I have always felt the immense weight that is carried with the words “choose the right career”.

The pressure to conform to societal expectations has refused to dismiss the ever-present reminder of the urgency to make life-altering decisions. It has always been there nagging, demanding I mature and make definitive career choices that will last me a lifetime.

But as I wade through this new stage of life beyond university, the question that I’m on the right path hasn’t stopped reverberating as a constant refrain in my thoughts. The child within me now, more than ever, begs for direction; a scripted purpose to be placed in her hands so she knows, if she has “chosen the right career”.

About The Artist

I am a recent graduate of Bachelor of Design in Architecture, who has engaged in full-time work at an architectural practice for the past year. However, as I continue traversing through my journey in architecture, I can't help but question my identity and place in the career.

There are times I find myself at turmoil with the concept that I am exactly where I need to be. Yet, over the past year, I have grown to discover so many new things about my character as I have overcome challenges I couldn't ever predict.

Deeply motivated critical creative challenges and inspired by human-centred sustainable development; I can't wait to see where my path continues to lead me.