Architectural Graduate . Brisbane

Welcome To The Dollhouse
350mm x 150mm x H320mm / Laser Cut MDF

My partner and I were both working from home at the same long desk in 2020.

Although I enjoyed the company, there came a point where I felt an almost painful urge to delineate what little space I had from his.

I took a plain black office chair someone left in front of our apartment and ripped the upholstery, sewing my own pastel blue cover to replace it.

I spray painted the hardware white. I bought a keyboard with customized blue and purple keys.

To complete my setup, I wanted something to match my keyboard and chair, but also keep my laptop and tablet in one place. Something so personalized, that absolutely nobody but me could ever use or want it.

So I made a dollhouse.

For two years, this laptop/keyboard/tablet stand has served me well. I love the practicality, and the blotchy paint job really makes it my own.

No one could mistake my side of the table now.