Work. Everywhere. Anywhere.
Motivated by our nomadic yet socially connected lifestyle, enabled by technological advancement, and inspired by our innate desire for beautiful objects – we present our irresistible take on the workspace for the future – Arras™.

The exceptional Arras Bench solution is based on 5 key requirements:
1. Minimal under-structure
2. Privacy on demand
3. Democratic power access
4. Accessible Accessories
5. User-needs driven storage solutions

Arras promises a free and easy solution: one should be able to sit anywhere and at any time; your decision informed by work schedule, available space, the nature of your task, relationships with others and of course, personal preference.

Recessed Understructure
Freedom to sit anywhere fosters the organic development of relationships; sit near someone you enjoy being with, or someone you need to learn to like a lot more.

Social Extensions
We are social creatures, and the more online and other instant messaging tools we have access to, the more we crave genuine face to face interaction.
The Arras extension worksurface provides a sanctioned space to catch up over coffee at a convenient distance from your work area. An ideal spot for collaborative work, there is plenty of leg room, just in case a crowd gathers!

Pivot Wing Access
Access to power, an essential everyday requirement, is made easier and more satisfying by thoughtful engineering that puts user experience first and above everything else.
The Arras power channel features pivoting wings that open smoothly, and recede gently into a vertical pocket to remain uplifted as you wish, and return to the closed position with a soft, reassuring click.

Privacy on Demand
We should not assume that everyone wants privacy, in fact, people naturally need and crave conversation with others.
Arras sideblades provide flexible positioning of side screens for privacy on demand, delivering aesthetic ingenuity within a functional frame.

Features & Inclusions
Configurations: Rectilinear, Executive Workstations & Meeting Tables
Centre spine with above & below desk power/data access
Moveable & removeable screens and accessories
Matching storage units available

Warranty & Certifications
Greentag Level A
12 Year 3 Shift Warranty

12-14 weeks

For More Information
Please contact us at or (07) 3216 6079