Collaborative Multiplication

Atlas Office Landscape is a work system which brings together height-adjustability and collaborative working in one elegant solution.

With a unique “no beam” structure, it frees the workspace from clutter so people can sit or stand in comfort, adapting postures to their activities.

Make the space your own by combining desks, screens, tables and storage elements to create places that invite collaboration, focused activity or impromptu meetings.

“One of the principle objectives was to have a system which enhanced the working environment” - Tim Wallce, Designer

Atlas Office Landscape brings together height-adjustability and collaborative working.

Desks can be configured to make space rather than lose it.

Shared cable management and personal stowage can be built into the workspace, capitalising on the spaces between desks, or drop-in spaces can be incorporated into individual workstations.

Challenge Your Space

Atlas Office Landscape is a height-adjustable work system that goes beyond the sit-to-stand desk.

It's holistic approach encourages imaginative new ways to plan office spaces through a focus on human-centred design and ergonomic excellence.

System Intelligence

Reflecting Herman Miller’s long history and expertise in pioneering innovative work systems, Atlas Office Landscape differs from a standard sit-to-stand desking system.

A simplified and consistent approach to both componentry and electric options makes configuring and creating large groups of height-adjustable desks as easy as a single workstation.

Integrated storage and meeting tables ensure Atlas has the flexibility to meet each individual’s needs with ease.

Crafted Curves

With its softly curved edges, Atlas Office Landscape has an organic appearance that flows effortlessly through your office space.

Crafted to reflect the elegance of a piece of furniture rather than a row of regimented desks, its rounded aesthetic is consistent across the whole vocabulary.

Work surface, screens, power supply and storage make spaces feel more organic, more inviting, more human.

Features & Inclusions
Atlas uses shared componentry to make specifying large groups of desks as easy as a single workstation.
Desktops, electric options, wire management, leg columns, and stowage can be used across every application.

Primary Worktops: L1400/1500/1600/1700/1800 x D700/800mm
Collaboration Tables (with or without access): L1400/1500/1600/1700/1800/1900/200 x D800/900/1000mm

Primary Screens: L1400/1500/1600/1700/1800 x H1100/1200mm
Worktop Dividers: L1200 x D400mm

Leg Columns with Connecting Foot
Leg Columns with Freestanding Foot
Fixed Height: 720mm
Sit-Stand Range: 680-1090mm or 650-1250mm

Wire Management
Freestanding Wire Management Hub
Spar Mounted Wire Management Hub

Single Stowage Unit with Door
Double Stowage Unit with Doors

Please refer to attached brochure for specific finishes available
Surfaces: Melamine or Laminate
Primary Screens: Fabric Wrapped Panels
Divider Screens: Acoustic Felt
Frames: Powdercoat

12 Year 3 Shift

12-14 weeks

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