Bridie O'Toole
Architect . WMK Architecture

Alter Echo
297 x 420mm / Pen, Paper and Multimedia

Alter Echo represents the inner and outer facing self. 

Outwardly facing, the façade represents all that we hope to be and all that we hope to become. That which is accepted by society. 

Inwardly facing, is the repulsive inner voice. Its' ugliness all encompassing and consuming.

Echoing our self-doubt it erodes at the framework and the façade; the pretence behind which we masquerade as our 'true self'.

Rejected by societal expectations and ever-present, the inner self lies dormant; waiting.

Threatening to destroy us.

About The Artist

Bridie is an Architect living and working in Brisbane.

In another world, she imagines that she is an Artist.