Caroline Yuen
Peddle Thorp

Dreamscapes 2 & 3
760mmL x 760mmH / Acrylic On Canvas

I see art in all our surrounds.

In my art practice I take the essence of a mood or a subject and evoke it in textures, movement and planes.
The work has various forms that juxtapose each other to create harmony or tension.
Pencil, charcoal scratches and lines depict the built environment amongst nature.

In appreciation of the rich and beautiful landscapes of the taken-never-ceded Indigenous lands of Australia, my art practice reflects a connection to the space that I inhabit.
The aftermath of recent bushfires with charred skeletal tree structures provide an impactful vision not forgotten.
Similarly, the rich red, iconic ochre colours of Australia or dusky tones of the setting sun provide much inspiration.
I seek to evoke natures' influences in my work.

Artist Statement

Caroline Yuen is a practicing architect and head of the interiors team at Peddle Thorp.

Caroline is an emerging artist and has previously exhibited both paintings and metal sculpture.
As an architect she seeks to create negative and positive spaces in the built environment.
The ambiguity and tension from the presence or absence of something drives the emotional response Caroline seeks in all mediums of her art practice.