Caroline Yuen
Senior Executive - Interior Architecture . Peddle Thorp

750mmH x 450mmD x 450mmW / Steel Rod Sculpture

Artist Statement

Starfire, a steel rod sculpture is a mesmerizing fusion of geometric shapes and the captivating interplay of shadows. Inspired by celestial patterns, it intricately weaves triangles and polygons, casting enchanting shadows that dance and evolve with changing light.

This art piece celebrates the harmony of geometry and the dynamic beauty of light and shadow, inviting viewers to explore the wonder of precise forms and their ever-shifting visual experiences.

I like viewers to display my sculptures in various configurations depending on mood.

About The Artist

Caroline Yuen is a Malaysian-born architect and emerging artist in Brisbane. Her primary artistic focus lies in sculpture, influenced by Cubism and Modernism. Her work explores form, spatial tension, and volumetric space, utilizing steel rods and sheets to craft geometric sculptures.

These sculptures encourage viewers to engage with them from multiple angles, creating their own unique spatial experiences.

Her artistic philosophy is shaped by both her architectural background and the influences of Australia's rich cultural heritage.

Yuen was selected to participate in a group exhibition Evolve 22 at the Flinders Lane Gallery in Melbourne last year.