Designed by Studio 7.5

Sit in Cosm
You just might forget you’re sitting in a chair at all. Its sophisticated ergonomic design instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to provide natural balance and total support. No matter who sat in the chair before you, how long you’ll be in it, or what you’ll be doing, Cosm gives you a new experience of comfort – anywhere you work.

The Chair for You, The Chair for Everyone 
With Cosm, it’s about the experience. Cosm instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture, delivering a completely new comfort reference.  And that comfort translates equally for any person and across the entire office (or home) landscape.  Cosm feels balanced and consistent from person to person, no matter which chair you sit in, who sat in it before you, or where you choose to work. 

Forget About Gravity  
The Auto-Harmonic Tilt works in conjunction with Cosm’s flexible frame and Intercept suspension material to create total comfort and support.  The tilt instantly and automatically provides balanced support and movement, depending on your body and posture.  The Intercept Suspension is breathable and temperature-neutral while the continuous form of the suspension conforms to each person’s body. The user enjoys seating simplicity without sacrificing the signature experience they have come to know and love from Herman Miller.  So, you can sit down, get to work, and forget about gravity. 

Performance Meets Beauty  
Cosm’s “Dipped in Color” option adds exceptional, saturated color to seating, including pushing the envelope on what is and is not “neutral”.  Dipped in Color simplifies and dematerializes the chair, turning it into a sculptural element.  By using the same color from head to toe, the chair is no longer parts and pieces, it is one clean object.  Studio 7.5 was inspired by Albert Einstein’s belief that “everything should be as simple as possible, but not simpler”.  They worked diligently to design a chair as intuitive as possible - both in form and function.  There is complex engineering required to provide an experience that looks and feels natural, intuitive, beautiful, and familiar.

Features & Inclusions
Auto-Harmonic Tilt
Intercept Suspension Material
Flexible Frame
Fixed Seat Depth
Weight Rating: 159kg
Population Range Fit: 5-95th Percentile
Back Height Options: Low, Mid or High
Arm Options: No Arms, Fixed Arms, Height Adjustable Arms or Leaf Arms

Intercept Suspension: Canyon, Glacier, Nightfall, Carbon, Graphite or Mineral
Frame: Canyon, Glacier, Nightfall, Carbon, Graphite or Studio White
Base: Canyon, Glacier, Nightfall, Carbon, Graphite, Semi-polished Alloy or Silver Alloy

Certifications & Warranty
AFRDI Level 6
AFRDI Greentick Platinum
12 Year 3 Shift Warranty

Stock Models: Please check through link below
Custom Specifications: 10-24 weeks

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