Brisbane artist David Don works with multiple disciplines to examine physical and virtual spaces and time.

In this new series of paintings, Don utilises the vantage point of a deadspace and finds gemoetry in its abstraction. A space imperceptible to the eye, each painting brings intermeshing geoetries and volumes and attempts to depict the interaction of different times of spatiality between congruent architectures. 

Don holds a Bachelor of Fine Art with Honours at the Queensland University of Technology.

He was the recipient of the Brisbane Council Innovation Award in 2016. Don has recently exhibited at The Hold Artspace (2015) and Loading Dock Art Space (2013) in Brisbane. His work is held in private collections throughout Australia.

Since 2015, Don has Co-Directed and Co-Cordinated numerous arts festivals including BrisBest Fest, Lost Movements, Brisbane Street Art Festival and Brisbane Artist-Run-Initiative Festival.

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