Playful Art

With their Hang-It-All, Charles and Ray Eames elevated the everyday coat rack into something inventive and fun.

First crafted with multicolored hooks and a white wire frame, the material and coluorway offering has since expanded with fidelity to the sophistication—and sense of play—of the original.

To create the rack’s wire frame, which attaches to walls or other structures, Charles and Ray and the Eames Office applied the mass-production techniques for welding wires they had developed for earlier designs.

The frame has a durable powder coat finish, and each of its angular bends is capped with solid wood balls.

Still noted for its whimsy, the Hang-It-All is also appreciated as a useful piece of art.

Frames: White or Black
Balls: Coloured, White, Black or Walnut

5 years

16-24 weeks

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