Herman Miller X HAY

Herman Miller is built on a legacy of creative partnership. In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, the Danish design house HAY thoughtfully reimagines eight Eames classics for a new generation of modern design enthusiasts.

Fresh eyes see new possibilities for classic Eames designs, including a bold new colour palette and updated materials.

From Charles and Ray to Mette and Rolf, a beautifully interconnected story of design partnership brought to life in a first-of-its-kind collaboration, Herman Miller X HAY.

A Small Surface That Makes A Big Statement

Line a few of them up to create a coffee table. Use them as bedside tables. Stack one on top of another to serve as an end table next to a sofa. Scatter them around a room or put them outdoors on your deck or patio. Anywhere you need a small surface that makes a big statement.

A Little Eames

Any interior can be brightened up with a little Eames, and these small tables bear the hallmarks of classic Eames design.

Bases consist of two U-shaped steel rods attached to the top, with cross members for added stability.

A Diminutive Delight

The table’s compact size and light weight make it easy to move to wherever you need a small, attractive surface. You can even stack them out of the way when you’re not using them.

Features & Inclusions
Wire base
Cast glass top

Iron Red Cast Glass Top & Black Blue Base
Powder Pink Cast Glass Top & Toffee Base
Mint Green Cast Glass Top & Powder Yellow Base

5 years

16-22 weeks

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Indicative Price
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