The new Framery smart pods have been designed to make every part of your workday better - from effortlessly locating and reserving pods to maximizing productivity throughout your day.

Like the Framery pods before them, they are a blend of style, functionality, and sustainability - all enhanced by new technology.

The smart and soundproof meeting room for teams of up to 6.
A smarter way to collaborate and get things done.

For every team. For every office.

A smart and soundproof meeting room for modern teams and hybrid work. 
Engineered to last. Designed for people who get it done.

Framery Six

Framery Six is a smart and soundproof meeting room for up to 6 people designed for modern teams and optimized for hybrid work.
This multifunctional soundproof meeting space is tailored for virtual collaboration and hybrid brainstorming sessions.
Fine-tuned acoustics, adaptive ventilation, and optimized lighting modes make Framery Six the best place in the office to collaborate and get things done.

Framery Workplace Technology

Workplace technology solutions that change the way you get things done.
Framery’s workplace technology suite streamlines workdays, elevates productivity, and enhances the entire office for a better workplace experience. 
These new tools allow you to access real-time occupancy data, facilitate data-driven decisions, reserve meeting spaces on the go, and enhance focus, privacy, and productivity throughout the office.
All without any additional deployment costs.

Framery App™
Make every pod and space in your office easy to find and book

Framery Office Sound Masking System™
Reduce speech intelligibility and noise distractions outside of the pods

Framery Connect™
Make workplace management decisions based on data

Framery Connect Sensor™
Collect usage data from anywhere in your workplace

Intuitive Controls
Every aspect of the pod is designed with the user in mind.
An 8-inch, high-resolution touchscreen makes it easy to control pod settings, adjust lighting and airflow, and extend calendar reservations.

Effortless Bookings
Create a reservation in the phone booth by simply stepping inside – and extend your booking with a single touch. 
And make every pod and space in your office easy to find and book through the Framery app – in advance or on the go.

Features & Inclusions
Fine-tuned soundproofing
Automated lighting
Temperature and humidity detection
Occupancy sensors
Embedded sound masking
Automatic feature upgrades through in-built 4G connection
Award-winning sustainability

Technical Specifications
Exterior Dimensions /
2329 × 2352 × 2632mm (h, w, d)
Soundproofing / 30 DS,A (dB) speech level reduction
Ventilation / Maximum airflow 187 l/s, 397 CFM (674.6 m3/h)
Lighting / Dual 4000K light sources
Sensor Technology / mmWave radar presence detection
Power Consumption / 145W default energy consumption
Connectivity / Built-in 4G with provided SIM card / Automatic software updates
Environmental Impact / 100% EOL recyclability

Warranty & Certification
ISO9001 Certified
ISO14001 Certified
ISO45001 Certified

10-22 weeks

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