Gabrielle Begley
Cameron & Co

100mmL x 100mmH / Hand Stitched Cards With Recycled & Natural Materials

There's a certain kind of dread when you have the intention of giving someone a card that shows you care, but you have managed to leave it until the last minute and now you are in desperate need.

While writing letters seems for many a thing of the past, it's pretty neat that the act of card giving lives on.

I digress; time is short. You race to the newsagency in search for a card to be presented with what at first seems like an ample selection to choose from.
To try to find one that speaks to the particular event in the right tone proves more difficult than initially thought though as you filter through the many different flower illustrations and the crass one-liners.
You pick one that might do and turn it over to see the exorbitant price. You settle, buy it and leave feeling far from satisfied.

I have experienced all of this myself, but as I stand there in that moment I also think about the excessive use of plastic associated with these cards.
The plastic sleeve, the glittering microplastics and the shiny embossed lettering. 
This is an incredibly specific instance and cards are definitely not the worst culprit of producing excessive waste,  but to me it's still an interesting case of what we could do better if we were to pick how.
This kind of thinking is inherent in many designers.

These are hand-made cards.

The card and envelope are made from recycled paper, the stitching is wool or cotton, and the feature of each card is something beautiful I have literally picked up from the ground.

The cards are otherwise blank so that the author of the card can make it their own, and can be suited for any occasion.

That one card is for one person only.

Artist Statement

Once (years ago) I used to drink from take-away coffee cups in a cafe because I preferred it.
Now to me that's an abhorrent thought, but it's also the reminder I need when I am often confronted with the sheer amount of convenience plastic being casually discarded.
Everyone is at different points in realising how damaging it is to idly throw away. Because really, where is 'away'?
And also, when better to ponder these thoughts than with more time on your hands amidst a global pandemic? (It really was the perfect breeding ground for a mini existential crisis). 
But it was the perfect time to start making these cards.
As well as being a totally compostable card that is an alternative to the mass-produced,  making these cards prompts me to take walks, scout for good-looking weeds and twigs and slow down my brain by cutting, folding and stitching.
Each one is different and a delight to make.