John Martin
Architect . BVN

St Mary In Exile
1020 x 1020mm / Acrylic On Canvas

For 40 years Father Peter Kennedy was a Catholic priest until 2009 when he was ousted from the Catholic Church, when he moved his congregation to St Mary’s Church in the multi-cultural, inner-city suburb of South Brisbane.

His masses deviated from the traditional script and incorporated traditions from other spiritualities to be more inclusive.

Women were allowed to preach, and same-sex couples were blessed. After refusing to change his unconventional brand of Catholicism he was dramatically excommunicated.

His service moved from St Mary’s to the TLC Building down the street – and his congregation followed.

To this day the well-attended services continue as a vibrant community.

About The Artist

John Martin is a Brisbane architect and artist working predominantly in painting, drawing, and new media.

His work explores the nexus between significant world events, technology, and the individual.

His work has been shown at galleries and prizes around Australia.