Jules Farrell
3D Artist . COX Architecture

Sunset On Kangaroo Point
900 x 600 x 50mm / Oil On Board, Framed In Tasmanian Oak

This work celebrates the rugged beauty of the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, Brisbane.

It captures the moment when afternoon light hits the volcanic rock, creating a glowing wall of warm light above the cool deep shadows of the Brisbane River below.

It was a joy to create this work and develop the craggy textures of the cliffs.

This was achieved through thick application of paint utilising palette knifes and other scraping tools.

About The Artist

Jules Farrell is a contemporary landscape painter living Brisbane, Queensland.

The grandson of a sculptor and the son of a landscape painter, Jules has always been surrounded by art. He enjoys painting many diverse subjects but the Australian landscape is his first and greatest love.

He is greatly inspired by the works of the Australian and French Impressionist of old.

Jules works primarily in oil and seeks to create works that celebrate the good, true and beautiful through energetic and painterly mark making.