Kaitlyn Poole
Jackson Teece

Jayden Cronon
Powe Architects

Form and Fire
300mmD x 300mmW x 300mmH / Individual Ceramic Pieces

The collection is an experimentation of form and fire. After being wheel thrown, trimmed and bisque fired, the vessels were covered with natural combustibles, rather than glaze. The organic matter included fruit peels, copper wire, coffee grounds, salt, flowers and Jayden’s lockdown beard hair. The work was then wrapped in an aluminium covering and carefully placed into a fire pit, with a raging fire built around the pieces. The fire causes a chemical reaction from within the natural material, creating the permanent, unpredictable embellishments which are seen on the vessels. While all Australians are aware of the destruction fires can cause, the simple forms with their vibrant and volatile finish serve as a subtle reminder of fires delicate beauty and energy in a controlled environment.