Australian Designed & Manufactured

Following NOMI’s founding philosophy of blending craftsmanship and design with modern technology, Kura is a range of timeless, robust, and configurable storage solutions for home, work, and play.

Named after a traditional Japanese storehouse, Kura is a modern reimagination of the quintessential storage unit. Its adaptable, classic design and multifunctional appeal integrates seamlessly into a wide mix of spaces—be it residential, commercial or hospitality environments.

Highly Configurable, Multi-Use Storage Solutions

NOMI’s technological advancement enables Kura to be fully customised and create a storage pieces that best suit your space and needs.

Handcrafted by Local Artisans

Handcrafted by local artisans using materials such as oak veneer or decorative laminates, Kura’s highly configurable design allows for multi-use versatility with endless possible combinations, while maintaining a subtle simplicity.

The minimalist form and modern functionality of the Kura supports many different applications, making it easy to fit-out larger spaces, without being overbearing in its appearance.
Stephanie Jasny
NOMI Creative Director

Standard Lowboard Range
Lowboard 1:
H490 x W2000 x D450mm
Lowboard 2: H490 x W1800 x D450mm
Lowboard 3: H490 x W1500 x D450mm

Standard Sideboard Range
Sideboard 1:
H800 x W2000 x D450mm
Sideboard 2: H800 x W1800 x D450mm
Sideboard 3: H800 x W1500 x D450mm

Standard Midboard Range
Midboard 1:
H1200 x W450 x D450mm
Midboard 2: H1200 x W900 x D450mm
Midboard 3: H1200 x W1350 x D450mm

Standard Midboard Planter Range
Midboard Planter 1:
H1450 x W1800 x D450mm
Midboard Planter 2: H1150 x W1200 x D450mm
Midboard Planter 3: H1150 x W900 x D450mm

Standard Highboard Range
Highboard 1:
H1500 x W1000 x D450mm
Highboard 2: H1500 x W1500 x D450mm
Highboard 3: H1500 x W2000 x D450mm

Standard Extra Highboard Range
Extra Highboard 1:
H1800 x W1200 x D400mm
Extra Highboard 2: H1800 x W2000 x D400mm
Extra Highboard 3: H1800 x W3500 x D400mm

Standard Finishes
Laminex  / Aries, Lava Grey, Oyster Grey, Terrill
Laminex Textured / Black Birchply, Elegant Oak, Natural Walnut, Seasoned Oak
Custom Finishes Available On Request

12 months

6-8 weeks

For More Information
Please contact us at or (07) 3216 6079