Limey Van Huysteen
Interior Designer . Z Architects

Groovy Collection
250 x 150mm / Ceramic

Let's escape the demand of the mundane rigidness of life, specifically the 9-5 lifestyle.

Wake up, grind, sleep, repeat. Where has the spontaneity and serenity gone?

Is there really a work-life balance we can confidently say we are practicing?

This collection encourages and reminds us to find moments in the midst of our chaos to slow down, breathe and find serenity.

The raw colour tone of the ceramic bodies is complimented by the organic lines around each piece.

This sparks the reminder that we can still find, not only moments of serenity, but also moments of joy through delighting in unique pieces as these throughout our spaces of dwelling.

Escape the mundane by delighting in pieces of irregularity and grooviness.

About The Artist

Limey is an interior designer by day, ceramicist by night.

She creates both spaces and pieces that evoke the feelings of serenity and excitement through the pairing of neutral palettes and unique textures.

Please see Limey's ceramic work at Sabbath & Stone.