The Loop Sofa range is refined lounging. Modular, moody and low, arrange your commercial or residential space around this stunning setting.

Nood Co is team of Australian designers and makers aim to strike a balance between soft and hard, form and function, to explore the space between a construction material and a soft furnishing. The resulting range features feminised concrete, curved and coloured, visceral in feel, refined in finish.

Considered designs, paired back to their nood state. A new consciousness in concrete is here.

Loop Corner: W840 x D810 x H640mm, SH370mm
Loop Sofa: W1680 x D810 x H640mm, SH370mm

Base: Concrete
Fabric Colour Options: Mustard, Blush Pink, Mushroom, Dove Grey, Sky Grey, Charcoal, Yoke & Lime
Concrete Colour Options: Musk, Pastel Peach, Blush Pink, Mint, Copan Blue, Powder Blue, Ivory, Sand, Mid Tone Grey & Charcoal

Concrete Sealer
Commercially rated, UV Tolerant, food grade approved, zero VOC
Internal: Nood Co Deep Seal System. UV Tolerant, food grade safe, zero VOC. Appropriate for indoor usage, and outdoor undercover environments
External: Penetrating sealer. Surface protection only. The concrete will get wet and dry out, and gain natural character over time.

14-16 weeks