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Integrated Working

Matrix Pro is the latest edition of product from Markant designed to enable a healthy and active working environment.

Centred around creating a dynamic, healthy workspace that benefits both the health of the user as well as increases productivity, Matrix Pro carries the considered in-depth design that Markant has become known for.

With Matrix Pro the key focus is efficiency with an emphasis on technology integration for streamlined use as well as a balanced understructure.

Pro can easily transform from a comfortable sit-down desk to an active standing workstation with maximum functional use of the in-built tools.

The system features a unique cable management system developed exclusively by Markant that allows for full reticulation

Features & Inclusions
Rectilinear Configuration: Single or Back-Back
Height Adjustment: Electric
Integrated cable management arm & tray
Frameless screens

Certifications & Warranty
5 Year Warranty

10-12 weeks

For More Information
Please contact us at or (07) 3216 6079