Dynamic Working
MAX from Markant responds precisely to modern office needs: a healthy and active working environment.
In order to help employees to perform as productively, efficiently and enjoyably as possible, MAX facilitates healthy, dynamic working. 

MAX can easily be transformed from a comfortable sit-down desk to an active standing workstation.
The lightning speed at which the workstation transitions from a seated position to a full standing option makes Max both functional and user friendly.
MAX makes it possible to significantly limit the number of hours that office workers spend in a seated position every day. 
As a result MAX substantially reduces the risk of major health problems.

Healthy employees are more productive and more effi cient. They enjoy coming to work and tackling tasks.
This makes MAX an investment in employee vitality, productivity, creativity and satisfaction.

Max is not just synonymous with healthy working it also offers elegant design thanks to a broad range of configurations and an almost limitless choice of decorative wood finishes, fabric colours and patterns. 
Max can be made to adapt to any organization. The many functional accessories for cable management, power supply requirements and other needs complete Markant's MAX range.

Features & Inclusions
Configurations: Rectilinear & 120 Degree
Height Adjustment: Electric

Certifications & Warranty
Greentag Level B
7 Year Warranty

10-12 weeks

For More Information
Please contact us at or (07) 3216 6079