Monique Pousson
Biscoe Wilson Architects

The Mechanical Landscape
19439 x 11078 / Digital Media

Conventional architectural and mechanical documentation function to assist a building contractor to construct a building or machine based on design intent. These documentation types have their own language that helps communicate the design intent in a clear and concise way. The language helps to communicate the design; however, these drawings are not the end product of the design. They only allows the user to visualize the final product. The mechanical landscape reimagines documentation as the final design, not a mere representation of the end product. Every line that is produced in the drawing is part of the terrain that makes up the environment of the mechanical landscape. The language of documentation, such as dotted lines, arrows, and hidden geometry are no longer drawing tools, they are a part of the territory. The function of the machine is inconsequential, the significance of the mechanical landscape is in the language that it has developed, and the way this language is used to document the continuously evolving machine. As you move through the mechanical landscape layer by layer, the logic of its progression is clear. But as you take a step back and look at the landscape altogether, the complexity, density and chaos of the landscape becomes apparent.