Spherical Sweetness

Designed by George Nelson in 1952, the elegant Bubble Lamps are fashioned from a sturdy, lightweight steel frame yet have a delicate, floating quality.

An assortment of lights are available in various spherical silhouettes, these fixtures add a touch of softness and luminosity to interiors.

A Tale of Ingenuity

An influential designer of mid-century modernism in america, George Nelson came across a set of hanging lamps from sweden and loved everything about their modern aesthetic, except for their extravagant cost.

The Swedish design was done in a silk covering that was very difficult to make; they had to cut gores and sew them onto a wire frame "but I wanted one badly," Nelson wrote in his book, on design, published in 1979.

The Bubble Lamps are made of a lightweight steel frame with a translucent shade, they come as pendants, sconces, tripods, table, and floor lamps.

A Luminous Skin

The first prototype of the lamp was designed in a matter of two days.

Nelson created the spherical frame with perforated rings that were inserted with steel wires, a construction that retained its shape under tension, required minimum tools and no welding costs. It was then sprayed with the resinous lacquer to form a fibrous web, and a final coat of plastic was applied, creating a smooth, translucent skin. 

5 years

10-12 weeks

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