Australian design by Thinking Works Design Studio / Exclusive to Innerspace Queensland.

Brighten your office with the natural aesthetic and finishes of the Okidoki System by Thinking Works.

Get creative with solid timber legs in a choice of styles, including White Ash, Walnut and White or Black Woodgrain.

Set against the powdercoat colours of Okidoki’s steel and aluminum framework, the decision to complement or contrast is all yours.

Round: DIA1350-1500mm
Large Round: DIA1700-2000mm
Square: 1100-1300 x 1100-1300mm
XL Square: 1400-1800 x 1400-1800mm
4-Leg: 1800-2400 x 700-1000mm
6-Leg: 2500-4200 x 700-1000mm
8-Leg: 4300-6000 x 700-1000mm
10-Leg: 6100-7800 x 700-1000mm
12-Leg: 7900-9600 x 700-1000mm
XL Rectangle:
4-Leg: 1800-2400 x 1000-1300mm
6-Leg: 2500-4200 x 1000-1300mm
8-Leg: 4300-6000 x 1000-1300mm
10-Leg: 6100-7800 x 1000-1300mm
12-Leg: 7900-9600 x 1000-1300mm
XXL Rectangle:
4-Leg: 1800-2400 x 1400-1800mm
6-Leg: 2500-4200 x 1400-1800mm
8-Leg: 4300-6000 x 1400-1800mm
10-Leg: 6100-7800 x 1400-1800mm
12-Leg: 7900-9600 x 1400-1800mm
Table Height: 720, 900 or 1050mm
Integrated power & data boxes also available

Legs: Okidoki legs are all made from timber with Ash as standard.
Also available are premium finishes of Solid Walnut and solid colour with exposed timber grain in Black or White.
Frames: The steel & aluminium frame is avaialbel in current season powdercoat colours as well as custom colours on request.
Powderocat Colours: Zanilla, Pink Salt, Nocturnelle, Minted, Scotland Sky, Green Smoke, Folie, Axel, Blanc, Noir.

5 years

6-8 weeks

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