All-Enveloping Comfort

An icon recognisable to the touch and to the eye.

OWWI'S design conveys simplicity and versatility defining an armchair that stands out for its enveloping backrest.

The characteristic wrinkles of its upholstery draw the W's that give rise to its name, and generate a welcoming feeling of embrace at every sitting position.

An armchair that embraces with it's enveloping backrest, designed to ensure that every seating experience is welcoming and pleasurable.

Versatile Design

OWWI's design reflects a versatility that adapts to a variety of spaces and needs. Whether in the office or at home, OWWI offers a seating experience that is synonymous with comfort.

The lounge is cosy and full of personality. It is characterised by generous, comfortable foam padding and upholstery full of details, from the folds and creases in the backrest to the piping that outlines the dynamic, sinuous shapes of its contours.

Features & Inclusions
Single or two-seater
Variable foam densities for comfort and durability
Steel internal structure
Fully integrated armrests

Upholstery Options
Fabric: Actiu Standard Fabric
Internal and external upholstery available
Please refer to attached specification sheet

Base Options
Powdercoat white or black

Warranty & Certification
ISO14006 Certified
ISO9001 Certified
ISO 14001 Certified
LEED Platinum Certified
3 year warranty

16-18 weeks

For More Information
Please contact us at or (07) 3216 6079