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Beginning Healthy

Herman Miller has always believed in the importance of supporting a variety of postures and encouraging healthy movement while you work.
An alternative to sitting down at the desk is woven into our design history. In the 1960s both Robert Propst and George Nelson pioneered the concept of alternative working positions.

Propst, the creator of Action Office, the world’s first open-plan office system, designed a hybrid of a stool and chair he termed a “perch”.
Nelson, who was appointed Design Director in 1947, enjoyed standing around at work and thought others might also.
He designed a stand-up, rolltop desk for the Action Office line. Both designers recognised the benefits of standing whilst working, long before the term “ergonomics” was widely known or understood.

Move Better, Be Better

Research shows that moving from one posture to another is beneficial to our health: people who move more, feel better. And people who feel better work better.

The Ratio height-adjustable desk enables a smooth transition between sitting and standing.
Users can vary their posture as they need to find the right balance between sitting and standing throughout the day.
Augment Ratio can be specified as single desks or in unlimited clusters, working with our other desking solutions to complete any floor plate.

Dynamic Lightness

With its clean lines and lightweight, uncluttered design, Ratio has been designed to blend into the modern office landscape.

Ratio encourages users to move and change their posture throughout the working day.
It is available with two kinds of electric height adjustment, including programmable pre-sets for use at assigned desks.
This means a user can adjust their desk to exactly the right height for them at the touch of a button. Manual height adjustment is also available.

Ratio’s design ensures that ergonomic tools such as Flo monitor arms are fully supported.
This enables the user to easily modify the position of one or more screens when adjusting their own posture.

Features & Inclusions
Workstation Configurations: Rectilinear, 90 Degree & 120 Degree
Height Adjustment: Fixed, Crank S2S or Electric S2S
Concealed cable management
Programmable elctronic controls with anti-collision feature
Fixed Height: 725mm
S2S Height Range: Single Stage 730-1130mm; Dual Stage 650-1250mm
Electrical Speed: 35mm per/sec without loading; 28mm per/sec with loading

Warranty & Certifications
12 Year 3 Shift Warranty
10 Year warranty on electrics and actuators
AFRDI Certified
Greenguard Certified

10-12 weeks

Indicative Rates
Please contact us for pricing: or (07) 3252 1461