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Better Together

From the ancient language and culture of the hindi people throughout south-east asia, ‘Sabha’ means ‘gathering’ – a philosophy that is becoming increasingly important to all aspects of our lives.

While important for communing, celebrating, meeting and solidifying our relationships, ‘gathering’ also carries a central importance for our working behaviours, being a key pillar to collaborations and creative approaches to innovation in the commercial sector.

Collaborate, Naturally

Sabha is the ultimate soft-seating system, designed to be lightweight, low and open platform, it can be configured in myriad ways.

Benches, one-, two- and three-seater options, built-in surfaces and functional occasional items can come together to create the ideal counter-balance to personal workstations, thus supporting collaboration, naturally.

Be Modular

Modularity was a key consideration in the design for Sabha. The understructure frame is consistent across all products within the collection, enabling the same platform “to connect with all the soft and wood elements on top" … via clamps, which can be easily tightened and untightened” for easy installation and dismantling.

Lights, Power, Action

Collaboration happens when you have the right tools at your fingertips – meaning instant power for your devices, and accessible light sources (and plenty of them).

Easily and instantly power up your devices with Sabha’s built-in power sockets. Store your devices right here, too, thanks to Sabha’s built-in storage solutions.

Features & Inclusions
Fully Modular Lounge Seating: Low or High Backrests
Options: Corner Seats, Armrests, Wood Cases, Low Table Surfaces, High Standing Surfaces, Hanging Hooks, Integrated Touch-Lighting, Integrated Power & Data
Accompanying Loose Furniture
Round Tables, Side Tables, Coffee Tables, Stools, Ottomans, Pillows

12 Year Limited Warranty
5 Years: Foam & Fabric
3 Years: Ode Lighting

12-14 weeks

Indicative Price
Please contact us for pricing: or (07) 3252 1461