Salman Muhammad
Architect . Conrad Gargett

Australian Vernacular Heritage
600 x 400mm / Ink On Paper

One of the main objectives of my drawing work is to raise awareness on the importance of nearly forgotten art of hand-drawn measured architectural drawings. My long term association with the conservation of built heritage in various parts of the world provided me an opportunity to understand, appreciate and record the architectural heritage both in rural and urban settings.

One of the striking realisations during my career has been the extensive use of digital tools to document and record heritage buildings. In the past three decades the availability and accessibility to advanced digital tools has significantly reduced the reliance on using simple hand measuring tools and drawing techniques to record heritage buildings.

Unfortunately, these days with the technological advances the architecture industry is relying heavily on digital tools which reduces opportunities to measure and draw buildings by hand. As a result, this technique of measuring and drawing buildings by hand is not practiced in the industry and even worst is not taught in architecture schools.

I believe measuring heritage buildings with simple tools and drawing by hand (measured drawing) provide an opportunity to understand the heritage buildings in greater detail. This technique has been practiced for centuries which need to be practiced, preserved and promoted. My association with an international group of enthusiasts (teachers, architects, students etc.), who are trying to practice this dying art by organising architectural documentation camps in various parts of the world mostly in vernacular setting, provided me an opportunity to document heritage buildings and practice this rare art.

The drawing presented here is front elevation of a State heritage listed traditional kitchen building of a late 19th Century stone building complex called 'Stonehouse' that is a group of stone buildings surviving from an early wayside inn in Moore, Queensland, Australia.

This drawing will display my solo effort to practice and preserve this dying art and to promote examples of Australian vernacular heritage.

About The Artist

Salman Muhammad is a conservation architect by training and currently working as a Associate/Senior Heritage Consultant with Conrad Gargett in Brisbane, Australia.

He holds Advanced Masters in Conservation of Monuments and Sites from University of Leuven, Belgium.

He has an experience of over 23 years in heritage conservation in Australia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Tajikistan and Belgium.

Previously, he was associated for six years with Tourism and Culture Authority (TCA) in Abu Dhabi, UAE and twelve years with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) in Pakistan and worked extensively in conservation, planning, management, documentation and inventory of built heritage.

As part of trainings he attended ICCROM’s courses in Norway, Italy and Japan.

He is a regular presenter in ICOMOS CIPA symposiums. He authored and co-authored papers on the conservation and documentation of cultural heritage at many international forums.