Salman Muhammad
Associate . Architectus Conrad Gargett

Old Windmill Brisbane
420mm x 590mm / Ink On Paper

Artist Statement

I believe measuring heritage buildings with simple tools and drawing by hand (measured drawing) provide an opportunity to understand the heritage buildings in greater detail.

This simple drawing technique has been practiced for centuries which needs to be practiced, preserved and promoted. Unfortunately, these days with the technological advances, this technique of measuring and drawing buildings by hand is not practiced. Main objectives of the drawing presented here is to raise awareness on the importance and protection of heritage buildings in the built environment.

Built in 1828, The Old Windmill, situated in Spring Hill just north of the Brisbane CBD is the city’s oldest convict-era building. This drawing displays my solo effort in practicing and preserving this dying art and promote examples of Australian architectural heritage.

About The Artist

Salman is a Brisbane-based heritage architect known for his hand-drawn measured architectural drawings.

He uses simple measuring and drawing tools and produces measured architectural drawings using technical pens on paper.

His work is an effort to raise awareness on the importance of heritage buildings and practicing the nearly forgotten art of hand-drawn measured architectural drawing as a powerful interpretation resource.