Salman Muhammed
Conrad Gargett

North Elevation All Saints Anglican Church Brisbane
870mmL x 620mmH / Ink On Paper

This hand drawn north elevation is the measured drawing of All Saints Anglican Church (State listed).

Elevation was measured on site, drawn on scale and inked off-site which includes line work, textures and shadows.

With the advancement in digital technology most architects these days rely heavily on software and digital tools to measure and draw historic buildings.
Old and traditional technique of drawing buildings with hand and manual tools is now rarely used by the professionals. This technique is dying.
By drawing this elevation of All Saints Anglican Church by-hand the artist tries to practice the skill and preserve this drawing technique and also highlight the architectural features of the building.

Next to a bus stop on Wickham Terrace, this is the main elevation the Church not prominently visible from the surrounding streets.
The drawing aims at preserving the art of hand measured drawing technique on a heritage building not so significantly visible from surrounding areas.