Samir Hamaiel
Conrad Gargett

320mmL x 440mmH / Ink on Watercolour Paper

This series of self-portraits were created as a reflection of my experience of 2020.

The long term feeling of struggle has had a lasting experience on my psyche.
Full time work whilst also looking after and teaching young children has resulted in a deep level of exhaustion.
There have been many disappointments and cancellations, coupled with a sense of helplessness and of feeling marooned.

These works can be read either left to right or right to left and the question of direction also references my cultural background. 
Arabic, the language of my Egyptian background is read right to left, as opposed to English vice versa.
My work often references my confused cultural background.

My drawing practice uses many techniques, but with ink especially there is a sense of jeopardy especially where mistakes are not easily remedied and instead become part of the completed work in one form or another, reflecting our imperfect existence.

Artist Statement

Samir Hamaiel is a visual artist based in Brisbane, working predominantly in painting, drawing and digital techniques.

His architectural background has significantly influenced his visual approach with strong highly structured perspectives.

Samir's background is also expressed through his work. British born with an Egyptian Father and English mother, he has a complex and confused cultural identity, especially now he is relocated to Australia with an Australian family.
The in-between spaces in his work are a representation of this in-between status.