Samir Hamaiel
Architect . M3 Architecture

750 x 750mm / Digital Graphic Print

Having arrived from the UK more than 10 years ago, my eye was finely tuned to the differences of my new Brisbane environment.

This ongoing bold graphic series feature both well-known landmarks and abstract details of the urban and suburban environment.

This work depicts the iconic XXXX factory but from an alternative perspective.

About The Artist

Samir Hamaiel is a Visual Artist based in Brisbane, Australia. His architectural background, studying and practicing in the UK, The Netherlands, Hong Kong and Australia, has clearly influenced his visual approach with highly structured perspectives.

He has a particular interest in the in-between; less celebrated urban spaces which have evolved over time. and demonstrate their history with markings, signage and texture.

Film and cinematography are also are clear influences on his work which evoke a strong atmospheric setting.