Scott Keim is a self-taught Brisbane-based painter whose artistic practice addresses psychological trauma, self-identification and processes of emotional expression. 

Keim renders a critical edge to the silly by violating the stern seriousness of emotionally expressive art, recapitulating seriousness in a more accessible and dialogical way. There is a manifest violence and turbulence in his practice which sits uncomfortably in contemporary notions of self-hood that require (permanent) hyper-positivity or constrained, standardised attempts of communicating suffering.

Keim has found equilibrium in his art between whimsical absurdity or fantasy and sinister normality. This equilibrium is a practice or process of self-reflection through which clarity of a self might be achieved, both for the audience and artist. Put differently Keim’s practice deals with the becoming of a self from out of the ambiguity of emotions and events.

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