The Setu stool encourages a variety of postures, keeping sitting and standing people eye-to-eye while supporting them with the same effortless blend of style and comfort you’d expect from Setu. Like the original Setu, it fits everyone who sits in it, making it a welcome addition everywhere it goes.

Available in Lyris 2 suspension or upholstered fabrics.The function and contours of Setu were shaped by the world around us.
The designers of Studio 7.5 observed the ways technology has changed how we work, where we work, and how we move throughout the day.

Material innovation gives Setu stools their unique combination of flex and strength.
The Kinematic Spine uses two types of polypropylene to control resistance and support your weight as you recline.
It bends and flexes with every movement, responding to the natural ways your body moves.

Setu is Studio 7.5’s solution for today’s more collaborative, less formal workspaces.
From the graceful curve of its ribbon arms to the durable, uncoated H-Alloy base, every part of the Setu stool was painstakingly shaped and reshaped to ensure that each molecule falls into the right place to deliver the desired functionality.

Features & Inclusions
Lyris 2 Mesh
Kinematic spine
Height adjustable
With or without ribbon arms

Certifications & Warranty
Greentag Level A
MBDC Cradle to Cradle Silver
ISO 14001
96% Recyclable
12 Year 3 Shift Warranty

12-14 weeks

Indicative Price
Please contact us for pricing: or (07) 3216 6079