Stephanie Stoelen
Nettleton Tribe

Beautiful World
600mmL x 850mmH / Acrylic & Black Pen On Canvas

It starts with the tiniest spark of curiosity.
Intrigued by the world above, it timidly carves a path to get closer.
It's captivated by the playful shadows that are just there and yet just beyond reach.

And then, with a sense of anticipation, it bursts the surface with a mighty push and welcomes the dazzling sunlight.
The delicate seedling blossoms as it feels the beautiful world that surrouds it for the very first time and settles contently in its place in the world.

Artist Statement

Stefanie is an Associate Architect at Nettleton Tribe Architecture and has been at the practice for over 7 years and still continue to enjoy her job as a designer every day.

Stephanie has always been creative and still has most of her childhood paintings, pastels, pencil sketches, ceramics, notebooks and physical models made throughout her life and hopes to continue to do so!