Tess Wall 
Senior Interior Designer . Hassell

Cube Komorebi
1000mm x 1450mm / Acyclic On Canvas

Artist Statement

This artwork delves into the profound human experience of comprehending and interacting with the geometric construct, shedding light on the intricate interplay of dappled light with the sea, buildings, the earth, and its people as it weaves together the built form and the minds that seek to understand it.

It captures the essence of an exaggerated figure as she/they experiences it, mirroring the unfiltered complexity of life.

The figure gracefully fades into the dappled light, becoming one with the ever-changing play of illumination and shadow. 

About The Artist

Hi I am Tess Wall. I am a senior interior designer by day and an artist by night.

My art work is emotionally triggered, used as a creative release and meditation.