Reintroducing A Classic That’s Versatile, Inviting and Wickedly Self-assured
Original Release 1976

Designed by Ray Wilkes and first introduced in 1976, this playful, eye-catching lounge seating has made a lasting impression.

Herman Miller have updated the essential post-modern design with power and material options.

Everything else is kept the same from its injection-moulded foam cushion construction to its integrated table option.

The 'Chiclet' / Structured for Comfort

Comfort starts with geometry – specifically the 105-degree angle of the seat and back.
Steel brackets that join the seat and back have enough give that each back section can flex independently, providing a surprising level of individual comfort.
The final factor is the rounded-edge cushions themselves, likened to the shape of Chiclet gum, which never “puddle” or lose their shape.

Scalable and Suitable

Whether you’re looking to inspire collaboration in a casual office setting, make a statement in your living room, or invigorate a student union, Wilkes Modular Sofa Group hits the mark.
It comes in a range of configurations, from a single chair to a six-seat sofa, and – the beauty of modularity – you can specify a table instead of a seat unit anywhere along the run. A power option offers additional functionality.

Features & Inclusions

Chair, Two Seat, Three Seat, Four Seat, Five Seat

Injection-moulded Foam Cushions
The rounded-edge cushions, likened to the shape of chiclet gum, never “puddle” or lose their shape.

Angled Seat
The geometry of the 105-degree angle of  the seat and back provides a perfect pocket for comfortable sitting.

Optional Tables
Tables can be specified wherever there’s a seating unit designed to hold personal items or create a buffer for personal space.

Power Kit
Power modules with usb ports can be added to all sofa group options to make charging technology easy.

Material Options
it’s still available in bright solids, like the original, but also can be upholstered with maharam textiles.

Height: 705mm
Depth: 781mm
Seat Depth: 489mm
Seat Height: 394mm
Arm Height: 514mm

Chair: 921mm
Two Seat: 1543mm
Three Seat: 2165mm
Four Seat: 2788mm
Five Seat: 3425mm

5 years

12-18 weeks

For More Information
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