Modern design to create places people love to be.

Knoll is a constellation of design-driven brands and people, working together with their clients
to create inspired modern interiors. Since 1938, Knoll have been thinking about how people interact
with their environments, and how their environments impact what they do. 

Why Knoll?

Knoll is Modern Always because modern always works.

Knoll use modern design to connect people to their work, their lives, their world.
Since 1938, Knoll have been recognized internationally for creating workplace and
residential furnishings that inspire, evolve, and endure.

Today, Knoll's commitment to modern design, their understanding of the nature of work, and their
dedication to sustainable design have yielded a unique portfolio of thoughtful products
that respond and adapt to changing needs.

A Belief In Modern Design

For nearly 80 years Knoll has remained true to the Bauhaus design philosophy that modern
furniture should complement architectural space, not compete with it. At Knoll, modern design
has been their guiding principle, and our passion has been shared by
customers and design professionals worldwide.

Knoll's founders, Hans and Florence Knoll, embraced the creative genius at the Bauhaus School
and the Cranbrook Academy of Art to create new types of furniture and environments for the
workplace. Their approach, where craftsmanship joined with technology through the use of
design, anchors Knoll's perspective and shapes the values they endeavor to live by today.

A long history of collaborations, with pioneering modernists to bold contemporary designers, define
not only the past but the future of Knoll through active, recent, and future partnerships with
David Rockwell, Antenna Design, Barber Osgerby, Formway Design,
Don Chadwick, David Adjaye, and Rem Koolhaas.

Eight Decades Of Workplace Experience

Florence Knoll developed the idea of the modern office and
pioneered the interior design profession.  

Through research and experience worldwide, Knoll set standards in solving practical workplace
needs. From private office furniture for individuals to the evolving spectrum of open plan
furniture that supports an ultra-linked, connected workforce, Knoll offer a definitive resource
to address the dynamic activities of the contemporary office. 

Today, Knoll are inspiring a new generation with a dedication to the most innovative and dynamic
designs for corporations, healthcare organizations, educational institutions
and governmental agencies. 

Whether the goal is to encourage teamwork, set ergonomic guidelines, plan for new technologies
or reinvent the office, we work closely with customers to solve workplace issues
and accommodate the diversity of its users. 


Knoll's clean manufacturing practices minimize impact by conserving natural resources and
reducing waste. But their most essential environmentalism is simply anti-obsolescence.
Knoll's products are designed to endure, both physically and stylistically.
Things that work are things you keep.

Design is inherently about the future, a plan for tackling problems yet to come. The goal of Knoll's
innovation is always both timelessness and adaptability—rejecting short-term trends and anticipating
the inevitability of change—as Knoll continue to balance what’s next and what is. 

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