Think Inside The Box

Square Bear is a highly experienced team of people with a passion for workplace product design.

They create solutions for environments that we would be happy to work within, and we have a desire to make the workplace an enjoyable place to be.

Squarebear develop product concepts with the intent to improve workplace health and from these concepts and they manufacture products that help people to find peace, focus, creativity, individual and team success within their work environment.

Squarebear know how important it is to enjoy the work you do, and we want others to be as happy as they are at work.

Squarebaer believe a happy workplace is a productive workplace, and our healthy approach towards supporting the individual as well as the business creates a framework for respect, responsibility, and cohesion.

We are aware of continually changing workplace practices, we stay ahead of trends, and we work with our international network to develop the best products possible using the best materials we can find.

Their Commitment

Square Bear products reflect our core beliefs of providing products for healthy workplaces.

They manufacture user-friendly solutions that are high-quality, playful, adaptable, and functional.

Squarebear pride themselves on supplying workplaces with products to positively support their organisational needs and productivity levels for a collective result towards happier healthier employees.

Their Values

Sustainability is extremely important to Squarebear.

Their product designs carefully consider the impact on the environment from the initial concept through to the choice of material, process or production, lifecycle, and recyclability.

Most importantly, they care about people - your people, our people, our supplier's people, and all the people who at some point may end up working in the manufacturing industry.

Squarebear are committed to eliminating modern slavery, we carefully select our supply partners, and we double check the suppliers of our supply partners to ensure we are working with people who are aligned with our views on human rights.

They work with consultants to obtain appropriate industry standard certification and to assess our performance on an ongoing basis and continually consider our environmental impact, social responsibility, and strategies towards a sustainable future.

For More Information
Please contact us at or (07) 3216 6079