Markant, established in 1948, is an international furniture manufacturer and designer of working environments.

With production locations in The Netherlands and Malaysia and sales offices in The Netherlands, Malaysia and Australia, Markant has the ideal combination of international know-how and Dutch common sense.

Markant deploy both of these factors in order to realize our mission: healthier working.

Dynamic Working

Markant's products are design to encourage office workers to stay healthy and fit. This is an important principle in the development of our furniture. In addition, we use our design to make the furniture and fittings attractive to work in.

Sitting down a lot is not optimal and it reduces quality of life and increases the risk of premature death.

Markant encourages dynamic working with specifically designed products to increase movement.

With their innovative workplaces Markant facilitate the reduction of sitting hours and the increase of movement on the work floor.

Better for the quality and length of life, creativity and especially productivity.

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